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Is Bulletproof Car a Good Option for VIPs?

It cannot be denied that armored and bulletproof cars are used for the transportation of various valuable objects, but one of their most popular uses is the transportation of VIPs. Apart from whisking off the VIPs to their destination in utmost safety, these vehicles also ensure that they are not harassed by the public and can travel comfortably far from the public eye. Here is a discussion of some similar reasons why armored and bulletproof car protection is of utmost important to celebrities and VIP’s:

Discreet Travel

Almost all the VIPs travelling will want the journey to be a discreet one. Privacy is of utmost importance and the ability of the armored cars to provide complete protection without drawing extra attention is one of the widely touted benefits. Armored vehicles hardly look any different from a regular safety car. But don’t let appearances fool you, as the car is very different in its making from a regular vehicle.armor car

Safety Is Of Primary Importance

Regardless of whether the VIP is a military officer, celebrity, or an important business executive, security is likely to be one of their main concerns. Any safety concerns that they have can be addressed by armored cars as they come fitted with high-quality bulletproof glass. Additionally, their design is such that they can withstand highly volatile accidents. These vehicles have been manufactured keeping the safety of the passengers as the primary aim. The security measures included in the car make sure that the no matter the situation they are facing, the passengers and the driver stays safe at all times.

The Vehicle Is Made For Complete Protection

The best way to understand the safety measures included in the car in details is to take a good look at the making of the vehicle and the raw materials that have been used in its manufacturing. It is these raw materials that give the car its quality of being “protected”. Firstly, the ceilings, doors, walls etc. are all made with steel. The steel used is not just any quality or variety but is specially galvanized and made stainless.

All this makes the vehicle strong and makes it possible to be used over the years. The lining of the car is made with fiberglass cloth and the window panes are generally made with bulletproof plastic.

Designed for Security

The first thing that is given precedence when it comes to the designing of the armored car is to make it as secure as possible. The vehicles are given ballistic resistance through the use of hardened steel for the body. It has been already mentioned that the windows are made with laminated glass or plastic with a high bulletproof resistance. The car has GPS equipment, with powerful engines and can also run on deflated tires.

Along with the various safety measures that have been specified above, manufacturers of bulletproof cars have been researching to make them even more resistant to attack from outside, but while maintaining its lightweight nature. Therefore, it is the special design and making of the armored cars, coupled with the security they provide which makes them crucial to VIP protection. Check this new light and fast personnel carrier here.